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Sunday, May 25, 2008

To Visit or not?

This gown can be worn at home or with the lovely bonnet, out visiting. Made of brilliant red brocade,it has a cream pleated ruffle around the bottom with a tiny cream braid accent. The gown has a double collar that dips down in center front and center back. Again, it spreads out wide over the shoulders. This gown leaves the neck deliciously bare.
  The red brocade is the reversible kind with the other side a gold, with red flowers. This side is red with gold flowers. The graceful bonnet has the same pleated cream ruffle around the inside, and double cream satin loops toward the back, outside. A bow centers in the back. Two green fronds and 3 cream colored roses, decorate the bonnet.
  Here Cynthia wears the bonnet tied under the chin, with the bow towards the side. She's ready to go visiting and gossiping with the girls.

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