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Monday, May 26, 2008

Here Comes the Bride!

Our 1830's bridal gown is made of a soft cream colored brocade, with a lace overlay covering the whole skirt and the plastron and collar. A simple bow accents the waist. The lace also makes up the full length veil that trails on the ground as she walks down the isle. A simple gathered lace crown with a bow in the back holds the veil in place.
  Her bouquet of pink flowers is gathered in the old posy style, and tied with satin ribbons. The trailing ones having lovers knots.
  While some of these gowns look a bit like they are high waisted, they are not. The degree of fullness in the skirt and the type of stand holding this doll makes it look that way. There isn't much one can do about such things.
Cynthia in cream colored lace and brocade, is just as lovely a bride as her two sisters before her of different eras.

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