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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We have a name!

  The little ladies name is Cynthia Haywood. I think she looks like a Cynthia. She has agreed, so I guess it's for real. Now for the next gown.
  This was called a Home Dress. Is this the forerunner of our modern house dress? It is very elaborate with ruching of the peach lining fabric around the outer edge of the skirt, with lace gather behind it. The collar has a silk ribbon ruching over lace. Full sleeves gathered at the wrists and a perky bow set center front completes the outfit. The gown is made of iridescent olive green taffeta and peach silk lining. She wears her petticoat underneath.
  Well Cynthia, on to the next gown. But isn't she pretty in this one?

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