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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here she is....

This is the new little lady I will be dressing over the next few days, or week. She stands about 8 1/4" high. She had no body, as I had never done anything with her. She had gray hair, and no color to her eyes. I think that's why I never dressed her.
  So first order of business was to make a body for her. That's when I discovered whoever had put that kit together, had put in mens boots. Her feet were mens boots, and that just wouldn't do.
So I looked though some of my porcelain doll feet and found her a pair of ladies boots. The rest of her is white china, painted a skin tone, but you would never know these feet didn't come with her, as they match so nicely.
  Then I started the repaint on her hair and face. The close up will show you how dainty looking she is now. A blue eyed blond, with a white bow in the back {it's molded in to the head}, not a dark brown one. White goes with everything.
  I am working on her underthings and nightgown, wrapper, nightcap. When I am done I will post pictures. So, from now on when I'm done with something I'll post a picture. It will take me a little longer between pictures now. Her style of gowns, are 1830s era. Her hairstyle kind of decided that.
  Now we just need to decide what to call her. We have opened a discussion on that subject.
Back to the needle and thread, come again, to see what is new.

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