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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Dress just for Visiting

  When you went visiting someone in these years, you would wear a dress designed just for that, visiting. This is a bronze silk underskirt trimmed on the lower edge with a tiny grosgrain ribbon. The overskirt is a golden orange colored fine silk. As is the jacket. The cuffs are of the same material as the skirt, and trimmed with the grosgrain ribbon as well. Finishing off the design is the fine yellow/golden orange plaid ribbon. It makes a nice jabot, as well as trimming on the skirt. Even as a touch to the straw hat, along with the tiny grosgrain ribbon. Just enough left for a tiny handbag.
  The straw hat is hand made as well to match the ensemble. I've made several hats to match different outfits for Frances, as you will see later on. 

  Most of these style dresses have a train in the back, of different lengths, depending on where one was going. That's why one wears a bustle underneath the skirts. 
  Frances is the picture of French Fashion design in this gown, and wears it with pride.
Next, pretty in pink, and a lot of silk ribbon ruching.

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