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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Staying at home in style

  Frances likes to stay in style even when she is 'at home'. This purple taffeta underskirt is trimmed out with an unusual blue thread trim, and a tiny blue braid. The blue in the trim matches the blue in the flower print of the bodice and overskirt.
 The flower print is a fine lawn, and the bodice is lined with the same taffeta as the skirt. Her bows are matching purple silk ribbon to the underskirt.
  Poufs and swags were the height of fashion in this era. There were never to many or to much.
Fancy trimmings were also called for and  sometimes several on top of each other.

This would create a whole new look, and something no-one else had. Having a dressmaker who could be creative as well as up to date on the latest fashion designs was serious business, and demanded a high price for finished gowns. Cost was just something one expected, and often beggared the wearer. Jewels were also in high demand, as well as fine leather boots and shoes.
Kid gloves, lace underthings.... the list goes on and on.
  Frances has a wardrobe that others would have killed for, and I think she knows it. It was worth the wait, standing nude all those years, as now she can parade anywhere, in style.
Thus.... we have Costuming With Style! 
Another gown to come.

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