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Monday, May 12, 2008

She started it ALL!!

Well, I am still learning the camera, and dock, but, have finally gotten started taking pictures of the first little French Fashion doll, that started the whole thing. I just couldn't quit making her clothes.
Meet Frances Finely, upper crust, French and very fashion conscious. She will only wear the very best, made by a local woman{me}, who plies her needle with much skill. Every piece must be fitted only to Frances. And only the best fabrics, lace and trimmings for Frances.
 This little lady is a Kathy Hanson French Fashion 1/12th scale {thats doll house size} porcelain doll, on a leather body. Her head turns on her shoulder plate. She was made in 1982, and has stood nude all these years. When I found her again, I sat down to make her some clothes, and you will see them all in the next few days. She will also have a home in a set of wooden books. I'm working on the wiring problem now, for the chandelier.
  This first set of clothes are her underthings. Corset,pantaloons, petticoat,bustle and chemise, made in fine lawn and all trimmed out in lace and tiny pink thread trimmings. Being a red head doesn't mean you can't wear pink.
  You will not believe what she wears next, do come and see.
After her wardrobe, I have started on a simple little china head doll that was also nude on a really bad body. Once started I can't seem to stop dressing my little dolls. Let me know what you think of them. And do enjoy them all. I sure did making them.

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