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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

White for a coming out Miss

When young ladies reached a marriageable age they would 'come out'. Mainly it was to meet eligible men, suitable for marriage. So their first year 'out' they wore white, to signify they were a virgin. The next year, if they had not made a match they could wear pale pastel colors. It was only after they were married, that a young lady could then wear the deeper jewel tones, like emerald green, royal blue and burgundy red, etc.
   Here Frances wears her coming out gown, in pure white silk, with rows of antique lace, and silk ribbon trim. The bodice is covered with a rich embroidered lace. The next to non existent sleeves are trimmed with lace and ribbon also. Her dimi train adds yards more lace to her gown. A simple lace and ribbon fillet adorns her hair.
  Often, the 'coming out' gown would double as a wedding gown, and then would be adapted for parties, after the wedding with more changes to the style. This way an expensive gown would last for many years. In a way, it's to bad we still don't have those 'coming out' events. It might be easier to find a suitable husband these days.

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