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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nighttime and one sleeps in the best!

 Above is the combing jacket. Used to cover whatever one was wearing, when having the hair styled. It kept the clothes pristine, and made cleanup very easy. Trimmed out in fine lace it's pretty, while being functional.
Frances will only have the finest lawn next to her skin at night. And it has to be trimmed out in a pretty way. Blue was her choice for this nightgown, wrapper, and nightcap. It's so thin you can almost see though it.
  The styles changed over the years but this was the vogue at that time {1870s}. Buttoned to the neck with tiny buttons {and yes they are there} just visible on the wrapper she holds in her hand, in a row down the front. No-one is going to say she didn't sleep in style and grace.
Next a gown for home.

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