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Monday, May 26, 2008

Out to Dinner

This green is called khaki green. But I think it's very pretty in this iridescent silk gown. Can you believe I found silk ribbon to match? And the tulle as well? Even that feather in her hat is the same hue. At the bottom of the skirt is a cream and green fringe trim.
  The bodice is trimmed in tulle, with short silk sleeves and longer full tulle over sleeves. Tiny little silk bows complete the look.
  Her hat is silk fabric the same as the gown, and is done up in an interesting fashion, with a self bow from the crown of the hat. It also is trimmed with a tiny silk bow on top.
Well no cherries, but lots of green.
  What is left for this little gal? Just one gown. The one I have always finished with.

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